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  1. "Too Much Ain't Enough Love" was the first single lifted from the album Freight Train Heart by Australian rock singer, Jimmy Barnes. It was his first Australian No. 1 hit single, while reaching No. 4 on the New Zealand Singles Chart. In the United States it was issued in the following year, which peaked at No. 91 on the Billboard Hot in July
  2. To be honest, I have to give credit to Patty, who did the lion's share of the lyrics. She bounced ideas off me, I contributed a little, but she wrote the story. For me, the inspiration is either a melody or a title. In this case the title came later, and I wasn't sure a negative idea like 'love ain't enough' was a good idea for a .
  3. Love aint enough Love aint enough Love aint enough I guess love aint enough You said youd always be here So how could you leave me? Standing in the cold Spending my time tryin to figure out wha it is Cause I spent my last dime, and I aint got shit to give Do you need more, more? I guess love aint enough I guess love aint enough Love aint enough.
  4. Jul 03,  · Patty Smyth - Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough Tuning: Open C6 (G C E A) Arranged key: G major (G A B C D E F# G) Original key: Bb major (Bb C D Eb F G A Bb), either.
  5. Just Ain't Enough Love Lyrics: Ooh, just ain't enough love / Ooh, just ain't enough love / These are the words my baby spoke / As she bid her last goodbye / With tears in my eyes as she walked.
  6. Baby we gotta face it, Sometimes love just aint enough VERSE 2 Ya see when you love someone as long and as hard and as much as I love you Not sure if JUST being your friend after this is something I can do So confused, don't know how to explain the problems All I know is that we cant solve them It's not your fault, not all mine.
  7. In Love Enough, the sharp beauty of Brand's writing draws us effortlessly into the inter Love lasted only one year but the time felt like several springs strung together. In Love Enough, the sharp beauty of Brand's writing draws us effortlessly into the intersecting stories of her characters caught in the middle of choices, apprehensions, fears/5(30).
  8. You know my love's just good enough for you, baby You got me trippin' 'bout everything, everything You don't even try to be what it takes to be What it takes to be the one for me Keep on trippin', you gon' lose a good thing He loves her And I love her She loves him But love ain't enough sometimes But she loves me Sometimes the beautiful things.
  9. Jul 08,  · Love is essential for a good, lasting relationship. But the brain, as well as the heart, needs to be engaged to keep (what the Righteous Brothers called) “that loving feeling” alive and growing.

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