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  1. May 15,  · Coldheart never really was S tier, especially now because her turn meter reduction got nerfed from “Fully” to “%” which is significant. (Please fix description Ayumi) Also she can’t be S tier because she has poor defense in arena. Her A1 is not able, nor intended, to clear waves by herself and thus her lower defense comes into play.
  2. Dec 09,  · You see Coldheart. Notes One of the Isle of Strife Arena Masters. Click Here to Show/Hide Spoiler Information Spoiler warning: Quest and/or game spoiling details follow. (Settings: hidden content) Part of The New Frontier Quest. Spoiler ends here. Abilities Exori (), Great Ice Beam (), Melee (). Damage Taken From Elements Physical+0% Holy+0% Death+0% Fire Est. Max Dmg: ~+.
  3. Coldheart is a Void Rare Attack Champion from Dark Elves Fraction. As mentioned she is an offense champion but she also slows down the enemy by clearing or decreasing enemy turn meter. She seems to be good against bosses as they will do massive damage based on their max hp and clear their turn meter. Let’s discuss her skill and build. Overview FACTION – Dark Elves RARITY – Rare AFFINITY.
  4. Coldheart using her cryokinesis. Not much is known of Kateri Deseronto's early life. She planned to strike down superheroes for their crimes against humanity, crimes including and especially the death of her own son Joey, who was killed in a fight between a unnamed hero and supervillain.
  5. Coldheart is a lot harder to get and still arguably better. It isn’t like you can’t use both of them while getting to spider Which is why I also wouldn’t recommend throwing her in the vault, % Tm reduction is super useful, especially when paired with huge damage.
  6. Honestly this is just twitter outrage over nothing in my opinion, a couple of bad apples who used Crayon Eaters against someone with a mental disability, but dmg even made a response.. Although I agree that harassment, racism, and hate has no place in any community, there is no reason to try and stop this joke of that titans are like marines, or that they are all brawn and no brain, punching.
  7. But Coldheart is something new. We didn't find Coldheart. We didn't adapt it or recycle it. We created it. Its liquid ammo, which doubles as its coolant, is a game-changer on its own—never mind Coldheart's first-of-its-kind laser-powered trace weaponry. With Coldheart, we at Omolon are saying: we want more than to simply reclaim the Golden Age.
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