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  1. Aug 22,  · Methanol has a long history of causing toxicity. Famously in prohibition when bootleg alcohol or moonshine was produced, unfortunately this is still a problem today with local brews in countries with poor regulations. It is commonly known to cause blindness but it also can be lethal, particularly if the patient has deliberately ingested methanol with a suicidal intent.
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  3. Methanol. Commodity Name: Methanol. Original: ZIBO. Specification: Industrial Grade. Content: ≥90(%) Leading feature: colorless, transparent, inflammable, volatile.
  4. Methanol, CH 3-OH, is a colorless, fairly volatile liquid with a faintly sweet pungent odor, similar, but somewhat milder and sweeter than ethanol.. Methanol is toxic, and may cause blindness. The vapors are slightly heavier than air and may explode if ignited. Methanol is used to make chemicals, to remove water from automotive and aviation fuels, as a solvent for paints and plastics, and as.
  5. Water-Methanol Mix Densities. A chart that shows the relative density of water-methanol mixes. MORE. Latent Heat and Vaporization. A chart that shows the latent heat of vaporization and specific heat of liquid methanol. MORE. More Resources Below. IMPCA Methanol Specification – December
  6. The methanol derived from wood is used chiefly for rendering industrial ethyl alcohol unfit to drink. Methanol is a colourless liquid that boils at °C ( °F) and solidifies at − °C (− °F). It forms explosive mixtures with air and burns with a nonluminous flame. It is completely miscible in water.
  7. Methanol CAS No: Density: g/mL Mol Mass: g/mol Form: Clear liquid Product details Product Dimensions: 4 x 8 x 4 inches ; 3 poundsReviews: 8.
  8. Jul 22,  · Methanol, also known as methyl alcohol and wood alcohol, is a simple alcohol that is a light, colorless and highly flammable liquid with a smell slightly sweeter than that of ethanol. Methanol occurs naturally and is even produced in the human body in extremely small quantities.
  9. Methanol is the first and simplest member of the alcohol family in organic chemistry. It is a one-carbon alcohol. Methanol got these names due to its historical relevance when it is first discovered to be a product that forms when cellulose (the main sugar component present in wood) gets fermented by any form of bacteria.

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